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  1. “I worked beside Marc within in a project to create and the develop of a Business club in Auvergne, France.

    Marc is a natural leader who knows how to listen to his partners / collaborators and how to make them progress and give the best of themselves.”

    Alain COLLOMBET,
    Sales manager

  2. “Marc is an excellent salesperson, trainer and coach.
    He is passionate and fully involved.

    He performed training for people setting up and taking over businesses in sales management, marketing strategies and social networking successfully.

    I Strongly recommend to work with him!”

    Bruno PIQUET,
    Entrepreneurship consultant

  3. “Marc has been able to equip the Clermont-Ferrand table tennis club with a quality dedicated Internet tool thanks to his serious work and his involvement at every moment.
    Painstakingly organized, coordinating and listening to his colleagues, he will sublimate a company and its teams.
    He respects some important human values that drive to follow him with confidence, and motivates his teammates.
    Performant, competent, Marc adds value where he is involved.

    I strongly recommend him.”

    David NAIL,
    Stade clermontois table tennis club President,
    CEO of a restaurant and catering business”

  4. “I met Marc through a business club he had created and animated.

    He is a generous, altruistic and federative man. He has beautiful human values and goes to the end of what he undertakes.

    I highly recommend him: His vision, dynamism and energy are a big added value for any company that will get him in its team.”

    Jérôme MARION,
    Real estate professional

  5. “I know Marc since my first steps in affiliation. He is a serious, responsible person and he is rigorous and professional at all times. If you are a company looking for a person to manage your business development, you can hire Marc your eyes closed.”

    Jihene MATOUSSI,
    Account Manager Publisher ZANOX

  6. “I knew Marc through the business clubs that he was animating and developping throughout the region.
    Marc knows how to build and maintain links and to listen to his partners.
    He is voluntary and at ease in the management of professional and networking meetings.”

    Yannick SOCQUET,
    Directeur Associé, Brioude Internet

  7. “I worked with Marc at Touslesprix.com.

    He was my tutor in the company during my internship year to validate the Master “Manager of Commercial Development”.
    He ensured my integration in the company and my good understanding of its culture, operations and stakes.
    He has found the right means to transmit his professional skills and allow me to be operational quickly in my missions.

    His broad technical and commercial skills and his involvement with me have been crucial in my success.”

    Franck DELBECQUE
    Media Buyer at Lifescript
    Newport Beach, California, USA

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