Hey, Tweetdeck by Twitter, there is a bug in there!

Hello dear friends at @TweetDeck by @Twitter dev teams,

I love Tweetdeck, this unique tool that allows me to have a pleasant experience with Twitter (I hardly understand people using your native Twitter “thing”, in fact… ^_^).

The trouble is that your interface is having a bug, since a couple of days, and I really hardly bother it:

Sometimes, when clicking to reduce the upper column control menu, it reopens and does no longer allow to close it successfully. Afterwards Tweetdeck bugs constinously, not displaying the new contents for example, in that column.

As I often “clear” columns’s contents to get a quick view in particular of new direct messages, mentions and notifications, this happens very often… !!! This bug happens both in Firefox & Chrome. I did not try in other browsers.

To get back to “normal” behavior, I must disconnect and reconnect again and again in my beloved Tweetdeck interface.

Can you please fix that bug quickly?



+33 6 13 03 17 96 – mj@marc-jestin.com

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